Exploring the Exciting Future of Music and AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly changing the way we create, listen, and enjoy music. From personalised recommendations to AI-generated compositions, the technology is revolutionising the music industry in countless ways. In this article, we will explore the future of music…

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Introducing Amelie G. - (Industrial Dark Synth)

Drummer and composer Amélie G. kickstarts her solo artist career with introspective new single, Cut Me Deeper (and Destroy Me), released on 7th May 2020. 

The single –produced by Etienne Pelosoff (Trve Brutal Black Jazz)- combines synths and cinematic chain…

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Uncut Gems Round 2

First segment of Uncut Gems was a total success with more than 200 interactions. Thanks to all bands specially to Magnetic Rust who ruled the segment with more than 100 votes for their video Demon

Today we bring you 5…

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VAN ELST presents "Home" (Single Review)

After a year of touring in the States and Europe as the drummer of Psych Trio Desert Mountain Tribe (supporting Bauhaus frontman Peter Murphy), London based artist Frank van der Ploeg a.k.a VAN ELST, shape-shifted his Psychedelic Rock background into…

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Introducing Ruptured World - (Cinematic Dark Ambient)

Ruptured World is a cinematic dark ambient music project that combines atmospheric soundscapes with spoken word. 

The project uses a range of audio techniques, including digital sound design, live instrumentation, field recordings and the integration and manipulation of live samples…

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Sunday Mood by Izan Hesse - [Techno] - (New Releases 2020)

Following last year's appearance on R&S, Izan Hesse launches Social Sculpture Records with 'Sunday Mood' 

Sunday Mood is Izan Hesse’s first solo release on Social Sculpture Records. It demonstrates a predilection for dense, broken rhythms, and the influence of IDM…

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Introducing HAPAX - (Darkwave Postpunk from Naples)

HAPAX is a Darkwave/Postpunk project born in Naples in 2014, whose three albums have been produced in collaboration with the Swiss dark night label. After 4 years of performances all around Europe and America, the last release Monade came out…

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Introducing thewalkingicon - (Dark Synthpop)

Back on track with our artist discoveries today we bring you a duo from Russia. 

Thewalkingicon project was formed in early 2018 by Sasha Rempel, the singer for Kaliningrad break-beat act INSPIRA and Dmitry Osipov, the member and founder of…

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Aliens On Earth presents Crystal (Video)

Aliens On Earth presents their first Official Video for Crystal. A psychedelic surreal trip recorded on the streets of Prague and London High Gate Cemetery.  

To discover more from Aliens On Earth check their artist page HERE

Unknown Land presents Dark Seasons (Album Review)

About a year ago we introduce you to Unknown Land. An electronic duo working from 2 opposite corners of the world. They just released a new album called Dark Seasons, and as the name suggests it is an immersive trip…

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