14/10/2017 - Modulator Records proudly presents Liquid Universe!

Modulator Records proudly presents Liquid Universe. An ambient album by Midnight Watchman.

Midnight Watchman is a well-rounded songwriter, guitarist and keyboard player who began as a street musician in UK cities while writing original songs and touring the US. Upon his return to the UK, he started a band who soon gained successful appearances on radio and music festivals with their acoustic-written songs that were well received. After a couple of albums, he decided to move into instrumental music as a solo artist, recording in his home studio. 


Album Review by Beach Sloth

Midnight Watchman weaves wonderfully soothing worlds on the quietly optimistic “Liquid Universe”. Tastefully executed the songs have a timeless feeling to them while they unfurl with incredible grace.

Everything simply works from the light yet effective rhythms to the true heart, the soulful spirited melodies that adorn every moment. Opting for just the right balance between pop and experimentation, electronica and ambiance, the pieces simply wash over with an incredible focus on detail.

Stylistically Midnight Watchman incorporates some rather unusual elements into the mix, at times bringing classical structures alongside a shoegaze-like fervor.

“Double Up” opens the album with such grace, setting the mood. Layers interact creating almost a folksy fervor. With a late-night vibe to it “Chaos From The Cold” has a mysterious aura to it. Pastoral in its insistence on slow evolution “The Lichfield Hour” opts for something reflective, allowing the melodies to grow in scope and strength. “Bering East” has passion pour from it while the song unfurls with majesty, incorporating stately riffs into the proceedings. Giddiness prevails on the exuberant “One Day It Will All Seem Funny”. Quiet drones dominate the tribal spirit of “Super Moon”. A sly groove helps to drive “Starling Stars forward. Quite ambitious in scope “Light in the Cracks” proves to be the highlight of the album while it blasts forth with tremendous energy featuring an infectious driving rhythm. Closing everything up just right is the thoughtful “The Turning Point, Pt. 1”.

Full of heart and a joy for life, Midnight Watchman’s “Liquid Universe” offers a captivating journey through the hopes that lead a life forward.

Album available from October 14th via Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Google Play, Deezer, Tidal and more.

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