26/06/2019 - Brendan Void presents 009 / Interlude A

In our quest to finding new artists today, we introduce Brendan Void. Born and bred in London.

He just released a 2 track EP 009 / Interlude A  with 2 amazing videos.  

We contacted him to learn more about his music and video art.


M.R - What can you tell us about the writing process and concept of this album? 

B.V - The writing process was emotional, the whole meaning behind the track was transitioning from a duo project I was very attached to, to becoming a solo artist. The number 9 represents a big transition in various cultures, aka developing from 1 digit to 2 digits, so this track was a completely explosions of letting go and beginning something new and daunting, yet there was an element of faith that it was the right decision despite there being sad feelings attached,

As for Interlude A, where I introduce more electronic beats. A lot of the tracks I’m working on now are more electronic, beat heavy, vocal heavy, so Interlude A is just a subtle hint of what’s next to come. Whereas 009, explored my more film score composition skills, special shout out to Jessica Diamond on violin, and Catherine Kolubayev on Cello, both amazing players and an absolute joy to work with.

M.R - What is the creative idea behind both videos?

B.V - For the videos, they were a collaboration with my good friend Sigrid, her choreography was her interpretation of my music. 009 was filmed in the National Portrait Gallery, London (all improvised) and Interlude A was filmed in Oslo, Norway (Choreographed) -

Sigrid, Hannah, Trude, and Philip were really superb on the shoots, fully committed and passionate. I have been a videographer for a number of years hence why I can take care of the Music Videos myself, something I want to be apparent in my image, videos to have as much work as the music, I feel it could be one of my niche’s.

M.R - On your Facebook page, you give a shout to people with mental illness. What can you tell us about that?

B.V - Mental Illness, its a subject I would like to bring along with the branding of ‘Brendan Void’, my music creation tends to come from a place of sorrow, nostalgia, escapism, and I hope the deeper feelings attached can resonate with those going through their own personal struggles, whether its too release some suppressed feelings or just to escape for a few minutes.

Join me and help Brendan Void to push the boundaries of electronic music. 

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