13/05/2017 - Jenova 7 & Mr. Moods - Smooth Jazz Backup

Nothing better than starting a beautiful day discovering new music right? This is a special day for us because today we just released Modulator Records official website. 
Apart from that, we launched a music blog where we' re going to post news, album reviews and artist discoveries! 
Needles to say, today in our first placement we are very proud to present you a Boston-based influenced by the greatest trip-hop acts from the 90s. 

Jenova 7 is the musical “nom de plume” of Boston-based multimedia artist Michael J. Sirois (born 1989). His genres include trip-hop, downtempo, chill-out and instrumental hip-hop. 

He is most recognized for the “Dusted Jazz” instrumental series, distinct for exploring jazz grooves, organic drum breaks and moody, cinematic vibes. His style is influenced by the pioneering trip-hop artists of the 90s such as DJ Shadow, DJ Krush, DJ Cam and Portishead, as well as sample based Golden Era hip-hop producers such as DJ Premier and Pete Rock.

His albums are a blend of the past and present—a mix of vintage crate digger samples accompanied by live instrumentation. His solo performances often feature original cinematic background visuals set behind simultaneous MPC beatmaking and improvised guitar playing.


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