Introducing In External - (Darkness, Dissonance, Melody and Mystery)

A few months ago I was surfing the Internet searching for a great sound. Experimenting on my Spotify artist radio In External came out on my recommendations.

After I heard the first song Faux Love on Spotify my mind was blown away. 

Some days later I decided to contact In External to know more about his music and persona.

Matt Rogers AKA In External is a music producer from the United States, based in Florida.

In External is an amalgamation of everything he loves in music: Darkness, dissonance, melody, intensity, mystery, and theme. He pours all of his influences into the songs in order to create something that moves him, and in turn, moves you.

He describes his music as a mix between grunge, electronica and space travel all rolled into one.

In External has always been an outlet for him. Because of the freedom that electronic orchestration provides, He can truly capture the sounds and atmospheres surrounding the depths of his consciousness

I will totally recommend to any electronic music lover out there to dig In External. This is quality electronic music from outer space. 

A must for anyone who loves space soundscapes. This is music from the future.

A great example of that is the album Internal Division released via Bandcamp.


Join me and help In External to push the boundaries of electronic music.

Don't forget to check out In External social network and share if you like! Music is freedom!