Introducing Mirum Mulier - (Ambient & Experimental IDM) + Interview

Coming back with our weekly discoveries today we bring you an amazing artist from Russia. She goes by the name of Mirum Mulier and if you are into deep space electronic soundscapes with piano melodies out of this world this should be a must in your music collection.

A few weeks ago I dug myself into the depths of Spotify searching for new music to add to our monthly mixtape. I was astonished when I listened to the track Away by the Artist Mirum Mulier. After some research, I contacted her on the social media and I was delighted when she accepted to be interviewed for our music blog. 

Tatiana Burkova goes by the artist name Mirum Mulier, born and raised in Russia. Since the age of 5, she has been playing the piano and nowadays she divides her music career into music production and lessons as a music teacher. For 25 years she has been breading music in all its manifestations. Since 2014, she released 3 albums, a remix album and a collaboration with MindDivided. Her latest EP On The Way to Dream was released on February 28th, 2018 under Bandcamp.


What are your musical influences? 

When I wrote my first track (Deep Space - Purple) I only knew electronic music from Jean Michel Jarre. I had an old synthesizer Casio and Cubase 5 on a computer. The music began to sound itself in my head. Everything was already there. Gradually It turned out and the melodies started to find their own way. Later, I began to get acquainted with the music of Interstice, Dirk Geiger, ISH, Mind Divided. Separately I want to mention the creativity of ToKee (Anatoly Grinberg). I adore his tracks. Especially the album Struktura. One of the greatest influence I had is Meta Meat. I believe that Phil Von is a performance genius. I watched many of his live shows that inspired me to realize and build an idea inside of me that I have never used before and decided to implement it on my music and shows. It inspired me in so many ways.  

How would you describe your music?

I think it's pretty dark. I perceive the tracks visually, so they remind me a lot of pictures, stories. For me, concepts are very important. I carefully think about the details.

What are your goals as a musician?

If I talk about my goals, then, of course, like any creator, I want to give music to people. Therefore, I very often arrange lotteries and try to give as much as possible my music for free. For me, the response of people, healing their soul is very important.

What can you tell us about your career highlights?

In 2016 I asked some musicians for a collaboration, they kindly accepted to do a remix of my track Like You from the IntroVert album. Later on, there was an album release with all the remixes. I am proud of this release because it was attended by greatest musicians and producers like Interstice, RecFrag, Neotropic, Dirk Geiger, Vigook and Tokee to name a few.

Listen Like You Remixes here!

You can stream some of her albums here. All Mirum Mulier music is available in BANDCAMP


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