Introducing Silent Chaos - (Experimental Avantgarde Dark Ambient)

Back on track again in our search for new discoveries we bring you today an eclectic ambient experimental duo coming from Rome, Italy. They are Silent Chaos, but before anything you should know that these guys are not messing around. They are deep into dark ambient and creepy atmospheres. 

As the name says the music transport you in a special mental chaos to another dimension.

A silent chaos where the property of a complex sound whose behaviour is so unpredictable as to appear random, owing to great sensitivity to small changes in the frequencies and colour of the rhythm itself.

Silent Chaos is a duo, or better, a musical at one born from the union of different artistic personalities, creating an essence where opposites coexist happily and stimulate each other. Ugo Vantini has grown and developed into a dense primordial soup of progressive rock contaminated by jazz and classical music, Marta Noone, however, is the restless part of an electronic generation born under the nuclear shadow of Chernobyl, which is fed by industrial music.

The Silent Chaos music in "micro" is the first part of a double project (micro-MACRO) where is narrated the evocation of archetypes buried in the collective unconscious, shown in a new intellectually (the manner of Plotinus) emotional light.  

The use of electronic tools, such as modular synthesizer, sequencer and battery pad that controls loops and samples, offers to Silent Chaos a wide sound palette, from which Silent Chaos draw to define the personal stylistic framework.

Each composition determines a special universe in which crop up echoes of concrete music, choirs, tribal sounds, noise and ambient, in sound experiments that envelop and surprise even those not accustomed to listening to these genres.

Listening to "micro-MACRO" demands special attention, to immerse deeply in the particular atmosphere of each song evoked by the musicians; an attention that has been lost in this era of rapid artistic consumption, and against which the Silent Chaos are fighting, offering another vision of the moment that anyone, if he wants, can gaze into and share.

Enjoy a full streaming of their new album micro here:

Another solid point in favour of this amazing duo is their live performance. It is very important for any artist to build their stage presence in order to transmit a solid message to the masses. Silent Chaos music is from another world. So be aware readers. It might open a portal to other dimensions. 

A good example of that is one of their live shows recorded last March at The Basement Est in Rome. I was astonished by the visuals they have been using.

Another live performance by Silent Chaos. 26 minutes of pure darkness. 

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