UNO by Unknown Land (Album Review)

Last week we brought you the amazing music of Unknown Land. An Electronic Dark Wave Synth-pop Duo from 2 Sides of The World where we conducted an interview. This week we bring you a review of their latest EP ONE. 

Unknown Land – UNO 

Unknown Land dives headfirst into an origami-like approach to songwriting. Pieces fold into themselves with the utmost of precision. Lush tones radiance with a tremendous power. The production of these geometric sounds feels stunning, as the entire collection washes over the listener. Right in the center of it all are Lucia Ponticas striking vocals, whose commanding presence lends the entire collection such intensity. At times Unknown Land’s work recalls Björk’s early albums, with a perfect balance of industrial edged tenderness. How Unknown Land manages to bring this together, sweeping symphonies of icy synthesizers with neon-hued electro allows for the entire collection to display an incredible range of color. By letting the tracks interact so effortlessly the collection is best taken in as a unified whole. 

“Liquid” introduces the collection with such style. Cinematic flourishes filter into the forefront. The ambient bliss transforms into a clever industrial pop sort of temperament. Far darker in tone “Joker” goes for a sweeping ominous. Strangely catchy, the nimble rhythms add to the otherworldly charm of the track. Aggressive synthesizers give “Light” a cold, electro-influenced wash. Quite tactile, everything about the song has a kaleidoscopic aura to it. Easily the highlight of the entire collection comes with the beautiful “True Cost”. Featuring an inviting groove, the piece has a seductive quality to it courtesy of the passionate vocals. Nicely bringing the collection to a close is the reflective “Dreaming”. 

With “UNO” Unknown Land traverses unusual terrain, resulting in a rich experience one that feels fully immersive. Album review by Beachsloth.


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