Introducing AEVIN - (Experimental IDM from Greece)

This week we bring you some Experimental IDM from out of the space.

Aevin emerged as the need to explore the coexistence of harmony, traditional composition along with the blurry lines of electronica and sound design. Mangling the coldness of the digital realm and the nostalgia of the analog days, delivered as an infinite collage of abstract beats, earworm melodies, mind drilling frequencies, and dusty piano. This is an example of the masterpiece he created. 

Aevin is Teo Tsalmpouris, a Greek digital media artist. While young, he was inspired and influenced by bands like Tangerine Dream, Krafwerk and Gong. Years later, around the mid-'90s, still passionate about everything electronic, Teo was naturally attached to Psychedelic Trance and the Rave scene, while still exploring the back-then-underground European electronica; Squarepusher, Eight Frozen Modules, etc. 

He has released three albums by which two were released by the German label Raumklang Music. Aevin has also participated in various compilations, most notably in the "TOUCHED 3" compilation, amongst artists like Future Sound of London, Autechre, etc. Furthermore one of his tracks was selected by Plaid (Warp Records) to be included in their promotional mix for their album "The Digging Remedy".

In January 2019, he released the album Gravity. You can stream his latest album "Gravity" in full and his previous albums here. 

All AEVIN music is available in BANDCAMP

Aevin played music in events in his hometown Thessaloniki, Athens, and France, playing exclusively his own music along with live experimentation using synths and effects. His last live set was in the Elektroanshlag festival in Germany.

"Pigeon Whisperer" is an interpretation of the last days of Nikola Tesla. The following track appears in the huge electronic compilation "Touched 3". Furthermore, the particular track appears in the mix "Cord" produced by the renowned electronica duo Plaid, as part of the promotion for their album "The Digging Remedy" released by WARP Records in 2016.

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