Gianluca Livi Presents Fleeting Steps (Album Review)

Gianluca Livi’s blissful “Fleeting Steps” delves into a dreamy otherworldliness, one whose gentle sweeps defy easy categorization. Spacious in scope, Gianluca Livi gives their sound room to roam. At times the songs resemble mere suites in a greater symphony, for the classical underpinnings within the album are undeniable. Reminiscent of Tim Hecker’s lovely fusion of the tactile with the surreal, the songs soar into the sky.

The rich textures draw from a wide variety of styles, running from drone to post-rock to shimmering ambience with an emotional core drawing all of it together. Instrumentally dense as well, the way that the many elements play together gives the album an exploratory fervor to it. Without saying a single word the pieces unfold to reveal a story of sorts, hinted at in the song titles. Quite passionate the pieces build on each other, until reaching the very core of the album. 

By far the heart of the album rests with the angelic metamorphosis of the aptly named “Talkin’ to an Alien About Eternity”. Everything about this piece represents the best of the album from the way the guitars glisten to the gentle piano work, whose tenderness is palpable. The way the song evolves gives it a hypnotic quality for Gianluca Livi allows the smallest of details to have the greatest impact. By the final stretch of the surreal quality of the song takes over, as the ringing backwards adds to the sense of impermanence. 

“Fleeting Steps” reveals Gianluca Livi to be a phenomenal sculptor of sound, one whose unique pieces linger in the mind long after they have ended.

Album review by Beach Sloth

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Fleeting Steps has been released under Italian record label ECLECTIC PRODUCTIONS

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