Introducing EyeMouth - (Psychedelic Darkness with Occult Undertones) + Interview

Back again with our Weekly Discoveries today we bring you Eyemouth. An amazing dark project coming from Sweden. Presenting a soundscape with a unique blend of mellotrons and organic elements such as vibraphone, santur, and accordion, together with an atmospheric and almost psychedelic rock instrumentation.

With a distance, reverie and dark undertones, EyeMouth claims their music aims to provide a deeper understanding of different aspects of life.

Formed in Gothenburg, Sweden, in 2014. The current members of the band have played in various bands through the years. Håkan has a background in punk bands like Asocial and Distrust, before turning his attention to more goth inspired acts. Marcus and Joakim have played together in different bands, mainly Estrange, which also happens to be the grounds by which Eyemouth is built upon.  

They released their debut Ep ‘Black and Blue Latitudes’ in early 2015, and later that year this was followed by another three Ep´s called ‘Non Compos Mentis’, ‘Noera Genesis’ and ‘The Flood’. Their first full album, ‘A Newly Planted Grain’, came out in late 2017. 

Intrigued to know more about their history I contacted them to conduct an interview for our music blog.

I have to say I felt very connected to this band as I found their songs very unique and spiritual. Their melodies have the power to connect your soul and energy with echoes of your past life. Their music will take you to a place where you have been a 100 years ago. It has an encrypted key in their melodies and frequencies. Secrets to a better understanding of the universe. Beautiful music to open the doors of perception, music to connect with your inner self and nature.

What can you tell us about your musical influences? 

Some of our main influences are probably Swans, Jarboe, Current 93, Nick Cave and The Cure of course! Don´t know how this gets through in reality, but there it is. Especially Current 93 has been a vast of inspiration. It’s such a versatile band that instills us a drive to keep pushing ourselves. It’s the most beautiful, the most painful and the most healing music there is. And it opens up a gate to new explorations. Some of the more recent bands/artists that really gets to us and must be mentioned are Chelsea Wolfe and Anna von Hausswolff. So inspiring! 

How will you describe your sound? 

Our main focus is to get the sounds and the atmosphere to match the tension in our songs. We kind of love melodies, but at the same time, we love meditative and suggestive ambiances. So a kind of a struggle is mostly going on. Many times we patch a drone sound upon our modular system and attend to create some music, just to wake up hours later from our dreaming slumber. There is certainly something enthralling about a drone. 

Then again, we´ve always tried to reach a more organic sound by adding assorted instruments like trombone, glockenspiel, harp, and saxophone, together with a more classic rock instrumentation based on drums, bass, and guitar. Whatever our sound may be, we just do what feels right. And this seems to shift from time to time. 

What is your main goal as a band? 

To make and release the music that we want to make. We also want to play live with this formation of the band, a thing we haven´t done yet. 

That said, our main objective is to focus on writing more music that is interesting to us. That´s what's drives us and (hopefully) gives us some kind of peace of mind at the end of the day. Guess we don´t make music for the charts anyway, so money and fame is not really an issue here! 

What drove you to become musicians? 

The answer to this probably differs a bit depending on who in the band you´re asking. That said, what we do have in common is very likely to be our love to music that goes, not necessarily to the brain, but straight to the heart in a way. We believe this could be achieved in many different ways, and it needs to be said that it doesn´t always to be the most intricate and complicated songs that get you there. By listening to us, you might think that it´s just the more … seemingly difficult and doleful tunes that do it. But that´s not the case. The Cure might be a perfect example of this, in some ways anyway, especially regarding the songs where the lyrics goes more or less against the music. The last song on our album, ‘An Open Door for Sorrow, is probably our best example, where the music may sound kind of upbeat and while the lyrics says more or less completely different thing. 

What can you tell us about the highlights of your carrer?

Our highlight so far must be the work and release of the album. While the Ep´s was such a long process and kind of a restart for us in many ways, it now feels like we´re on the right track. It´s like there´s really no restraints anymore, and we could probably go anywhere we want from now on. So that´s probably it. As you can see we got a lot to do in the future! 

You can stream their latest album "A Newly Planted Grain​"​​​​​​ and some of their EPs here. All EyeMouth music is available in BANDCAMP

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