Introducing Amelie G. - (Industrial Dark Synth)

Drummer and composer Amélie G. kickstarts her solo artist career with introspective new single, Cut Me Deeper (and Destroy Me), released on 7th May 2020. 

The single –produced by Etienne Pelosoff (Trve Brutal Black Jazz)- combines synths and cinematic chain sounds to create infectious dark industrial pop. Drums and striking beats combined with Amélie’s gentle vocals evoke a tormented yet oneiric reality.

Cut Me Deeper (and Destroy Me) is about coping with pain and rebirth. Of the track, “You know when a tree is all burnt from the inside, you can’t just wait and hope for it to grow again. You have to finish it up. Now imagine you are this tree. As much as it’s full of anger, disappointment, and pain, this song is about looking for a way to grow back and heal.” Amélie elaborates “It all started with the destruction of a wall. My brother had to go film a wall being destroyed, so I asked him to record as many sounds as he could on the site. I’ve always been fascinated by the textures of sounds. All these machines and this industrial atmosphere of destruction inspired me so much, I had to make something with it.”


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