Submission Guideline - IMPORTANT! Read First Before Submitting Your Music.

  • We are a digital netlabel specialized in electronic music with a DARK/FUTURISTIC mood.
  • We accept different genres including Ambient, Big Beat, Downtempo, Electronica, Experimental, IDM, Industrial, Synthwave, Techno, Progressive Dark, Trip-Hop, Witch House.
  • To save you some time if your music IS NOT dark and futuristic don't waste your time submitting this form. We are not promoting mainstream and commercial music. We will NOT answer back.
  • Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Audiomac or Noisetrade links are great. 
  • Submit music that represents you and that you are proud of. 
  • WE DON'T accept physical CDs. Why? We work online and it's easier to stream your music.
  • Please DO NOT send music files (mp3/wav) directly to our email. We do accept We Transfer and DropBox links.
  • Include your Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube or Vimeo channel if you have one. 
  • To submit videos for ModulatorTV do it HERE
  • To submit music for our Spotify Mixtape do it HERE
Looking forward to listening to your music!
Modulator Records 

Submission Form