Submission Guideline - IMPORTANT! Read First Before Submitting Your Music

  • We are a digital netlabel specialized in electronic music with a DARK/FUTURISTIC mood.
  • We accept different genres including Ambient (Dark/Space), Big Beat, Downtempo, Drum&Bass,  Electronica, Experimental, Glitch, IDM, Industrial, Synthwave (Outrun/Retrowave), Techno, Progressive Dark, Trip-Hop, Witch House.
  • To save you some time if your music IS NOT DARK/FUTURISTIC don't waste your time submitting this form. We are not promoting mainstream and commercial music. We will NOT answer back. 
  • For streaming your music Soundcloud, Audiomac or Noisetrade links are great. 
  • Bandcamp and Spotify artist links are necessary. You will need to provide at least one of them.
  • Submit music that represents you and that you are proud of. 
  • WE DON'T accept physical CDs. We stream your music. 
  • Please DO NOT send music files (mp3/wav) directly to our email. You will be banned and blocked automatically. We do accept We Transfer and DropBox links.
  • Submit your Facebook Artist Page, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube or Vimeo links.
  • To submit videos for ModulatorTV do it HERE
  • To submit music for our Spotify Mixtape do it HERE
Looking forward to listening to your music!
Modulator Records 

Submission Form

ATTENTION - Every field marked down with an * is required. We are looking to promote Artists with an established online presence. If you can't provide all the information necessary don't waste your time.