Introducing Magnavolt - (Swedish Dark Horror Synthwave) + Interview

A few days ago I was in the search of new sounds for our Spotify Synthwave Mixtape when I discovered Magnavolt. 

I was astonished by the sound of their song Corruption that without giving a thought I added automatically to our playlist ModulatorUK Synth Planet. After some research, I contacted Magnavolt on social media and I was delighted when he accepted to be interviewed for our music blog.

Asking about the background story behind the musical project Magnavolt recalls that a long time ago he used to to be human until an evil corporation took everything away from him. In order to gain power he gave his soul away to the Grimm Reaper and now he is seeking revenge. 


MR - Pretty cool story behind the character. How will you describe your sound? 

MV - Dark Experimental Electronic Music with an 80s vibe. I was producing Dreamwave and a bit of Darksynth, but after 5 years I felt I needed to do something different. Dark music is where I belong. 

MR - What is the production process of your tracks? Can you please name some of your favorite Synths? 

MV - For some years I was mainly using computer software, but I knew that one day I will invest in real Analog Synthesizers. The first Synthesizer I bought was in November last year. Right now I have 11 Synthesizers in my studio. Love them all, but my favorites are Dave Smith PROPHET REV2 and ROLAND JUNO 106, mainly because I can tweak and create sound on the go. The Prophet is a beast for dark tunes and Juno 106 gives that 80s taste to every track. 

MR - Wow that sounds like a dream studio! We would love to see some photos one day. What is your main goal as a producer?  

MV - My main goal as a Producer is to have fun. Share the story I wrote throughout my music. I would love to organize everything so one day I can do a live show. 

MR - What drove you to become a musician? 

MV - I was raised by parents who love music, so I had it in my blood from the beginning, just didn't realize it. But I decided to make my own music when I listened to band called ''Le Cassette'' back in 2014.  

MR - How do you approach the challenge of being a musician in 2019?  

MV - It's getting harder year by year, especially in the synth-wave world. There are lots of Producers doing the same, no innovation, It feels more like copy-paste. That was one of the reasons why I wanted to create Magnavolt. I feel that 80s electronic music should evolve and focus on new generations, not just going back to 1980s. There's a whole world to explore music production.

MR - What are your future plans? 

My future plans are to keep making music of course. Soon I will start working on my new EP. I've been working on the idea of a comic book about my character Magnavolt. I would love to work in short films using my music as a soundtrack.

Magnavolt has recently released a new album called MOTOKO.

You can stream the full album below. 

Join me and help Magnavolt to push the boundaries of dark electronic music. 

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