Introducing Morgane Matteuzzi - (Breaking borders between Opera and Electro) + Interview

Swiss Opera singer Morganne Matteuzzi presents her new single Rewind. The mix between Opera and Electro caught our attention. Morgane decided to break these confines in order to create something unique; using the beauty of opera singing with the modernity of electronic sounds in order to create a new type of musical journey. We contacted her to learn more about the mind behind the music.

MR - What can you tell us about the writing process of this single? 

MM - I composed this Song with a real spirit of freedom. I decided to create it without using metronome or time signature, to have something closer to improvisation in a way.  Every time I compose I don't really know what is going to come out. For this song, I basically improvised with my voice and over-layered it. When I found harmonies that I liked, I included some sounds that would add depth and make everything sound better. When I was happy with my composition I sent it to my friend Etienne Pelosoff who mixed it and arranged it. I love working with him, he always finds a way to make everything sound better while respecting what I want to express. I am currently working with him on my first EP Distorted Opera Electro that will be out very soon.  

MR - What is the concept and idea behind the music you are creating? 

MM - Since I was a child I was always asked to choose between classical music, opera singing and my passion for modern music such as electro. I have never been able to make up my mind and fit in any of these boxes as I found beauty in all of these styles. In my single 'Rewind' I used a lot of reversed sounds, I am obsessed with the concept of reversed sounds and watching videos backward as if the act of rewinding something showed us an alternate reality, another story and another way to view things.  

MR - Tell us more about the video? What is the creative idea and what would you like to communicate? 

MM - In my music, I have always swayed between the feeling of pain and hope. In the video, initially most of the images are really dark and suddenly colors appear. I see it as a fight between darkness and light. I have synesthesia it means that whenever I hear a sound I automatically see a shape, a texture and sometimes even a color connected to it. It isn't a choice it's just the way it is. when I compose I always choose sounds that give me pleasant shape and textures. Whenever I listen to music it is as if I was lost in the middle of an incredible painting!

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