Unknown Land presents Dark Seasons (Album Review)

About a year ago we introduce you to Unknown Land. An electronic duo working from 2 opposite corners of the world. They just released a new album called Dark Seasons, and as the name suggests it is an immersive trip into dark electronic. The captive collaboration between Lucia Fenix (Chile) and Rob Bryant (Australia) once again delivers a beautiful masterpiece to the listener.

Unknown Land - Dark Seasons

  A beautiful nightmarish take on darkwave, Unknown Land creates their own unique universe with “Dark Seasons”. Layer upon layer intermingles in a gorgeous way. The arrangements go for such depth as they plunge to the utmost of a shadow world. Synthesizers have a tactile quality to them barely balanced always threatening utter chaos. It is a testament to their skill that they opt instead for restraint. Vocals have a mysterious aura to them, defying any and all easy categorization. With each piece yet another chapter in a greater story the tracks combine into a kaleidoscopic whole. 

Prickly woozy keys introduce the album with the longing “Gargoyles”. Beats choose for a spacious quality, going for something more emotional than time-keeping. Truly gorgeous “Kingdom” serves as the highlight of the album for they strip things down to the absolute essentials, with a haunting melody that lingers in the mind. Feeling strong reminiscent of Depeche Mode at the peak of their powers “Siren” has a glowing, neon-hued atmosphere to it, embodying a late night after the party vibe. Nimble percussion intermingles throughout the playful tact of “Fireflies”. Over the course of the piece, the song messes with listener expectations forgoing easy categorization. Effortlessly bringing things to a close the colossal take of “Hollow” expands up, outright soaring into the sky. 

“Dark Seasons” reveals a world right beyond the periphery of perception, surrealism that reveals Unknown Land’s uncanny knack at delving into virtual symphonies. Review by Beachsloth.

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