The Bad Places by Mirum Mulier (Album Review)

Last week we brought you the amazing Mirum Mulier. Experimental Ambient IDM from Russia where we conducted an interview. This week we bring you a review of her album The Bad Places. One of our favorites. 

Mirum Mulier – The Bad Places 

Mirum Mulier creates a mysterious dream-like world on the swirling ambiance of “The Bad Places”. Transmissions from another universe tie the pieces together. A freedom allows Mirum Mulier to explore a wide variety of styles, from electro to industrial to even elements of classical making their way into the mix.

Impossible to properly categorize, Mirum Mulier dwells within this surreal space, with vocals swimming through the dense mix. During pivotal moments of the album, the wordless vocals at times recall a futuristic sort of Gregorian chant. 

Various distorted transmissions open the album on the distorted opener “The Door”. Melodies linger deep within the track’s DNA never quite fully coming into focus. Layer upon layer of sound comes into the mix on the dark ambient isolationism of “Closer”. Highly introspective Mirum Mulier lets the track build up into a gorgeous cinematic flourish that at times feels triumphant. Backward samples merge together to create a virtual stream of consciousness on the hard to pin down oddity of “The Ghosts” with these snippets helping to give the piece an almost nostalgic hue, recalling the Caretaker’s fondness for exploring the long-forgotten. Intimacy takes hold with the soothing quality of “Euphoria” where Mirum Mulier lets the sounds ring out up into the sky. Nicely closing out the album the cosmic work of “The End” references some of the more experimental works of Spectrum Spools’ overture. 

With “The Bad Places” Mirum Mulier take us into a mystical psychedelic realm, one that at times feels so intimate and highly unique. Album review by Beachsloth. 

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