Scenes From the Sublime by NERATERRÆ - [Dark Ambient/Drone] - (New Releases 2020)

Follow up to the highly acclaimed debut album “The Substance of Perception”, Alessio Antoni’s NERATERRÆ returns with yet another monumental album. Consisting of ten tracks, each one inspired by a different painting, “Scenes From the Sublime” is an ode to beauty, the unfathomable and the minds capable of channeling the sublime. A captivating yet unsettling contemplative aural experience that guides the listener through dense dystopian atmospheres granting oneiric visions of delicate grandeur and otherworldly scenarios transcending time and space. This journey features collaborations by Alphaxone, Dødsmaskin, Leila Abdul-Rauf, Mount Shrine, Phelios, Phragments, Shrine, Xerxes The Dark, George Zafiriadis from Martyria and Yann Hagimont from Cober Ord.

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